Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, the famed land of a thousand hills. There's so much you can enjoy in this place - and beyond. From the blossoming night life to the cultural dances, to its numerous technology and business hubs.

Acquaint yourself with the history of Rwanda. From the times when it was the Kingdom of Rwanda, through its colonial history and early leadership to the present day success story. Visit our rich museaums and learn about our culture and our history. We have quite a lot.

Meet our young entrepreneurs shaping business, sports and culture all over the continent of Africa and even beyond.

Come on, there's no more exciting walkthrough than the Kigali Times. Everything that is everything in Kigali and Rwanda is here. If it ain't here, it ain't everything. You can take that to the bank [this is the part where you insert your favorite emoji]. 


#VisitRwanda when you visit this page. A comprehensive guide to the best places to visit in Kigali and the best places to visit in Rwanda. Know the safest places in Rwanda and the social practices that you might need to have at your fingertips. Learn about Rwanda and have a happy, memorable stay.


In the capital there's no holiday. Find out how this beautiful city keeps you busy day and night. Learn how to slot right in while you're here.


Call the Rwanda National Police, find the nearest hospital or contact your embassy.

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